I want to pay my sincere gratitude to Mrs Koolwont for helping me cure myself from hives

I was suffering from hives for quite a long time and I was taking chemical drugs which had
immediate effect but not permanent cure. Whatever food or drink I consumed, there was an
outbreak of swollen, pale red bumps or plaques on the skin that appear suddenly. Since it happened on a daily basis, I lost hope of getting cured. I was also suffering from hair loss.

One good day, my mother saw a report on TV on Mrs Koolwont, and told me we need to visit that
lady. Since then, my life changed for good. I followed the treatment prescribed by her and now I can say that I am totally cured. Natural cure takes time to get good result but the result is worth the time taken. 

Being a vegetarian, I had no problem with the medication prescribed, because it was natural
ingredient. She also counsels you on what should be taken to keep yourself in good health. I highly recommend people to contact and seek the help of Mrs Koolwont, for any disease they are
08 Jul 2019 - Miss Shakti
A few months back Mrs Koolwont treated my 83 years old grand – mother. The psonasis had spread all over her body. She could not use chemical products due to side- effects.

When we saw Mrs Koolwont on MBC -TV, we were reluctant to visit her at first. Having no other alternatives, we decided to trust her. Today, we are happy and grateful, she did not let us down. My grand – mother got cured with the oil, paste and mud she prepared for her, and most important, without ANY SINGLE SIDE-EFFECTS. Her hair started growing and the psonasis disappeared within 4 months of continuous treatment.

Indeed, Allah is the one who gives cure. Allah has bestowed Mrs Koolwont with knowledge to cure psonasis. May Allah rewards her with the best.

Natural Heaven is simply the best, in treating psonasis without using any chemical products.

Thank you Mrs Koolwont from the bottom of our heart ad blessings to you on my grand-mother’s behalf.

Mim,Bel-Air Rivière Sèche,

05 Feb 2019 - --

Myself Miss Anushka Ramkhalawon. I started suffering from scalp Psoriasis since 2 years at the age of 20. At first I thought that it was a normal dandruff but since days passed on, it kept on increasing on my scalp and I even noticed scaly patches on my body it kept on spreading to my forehead and became visible. At the same time it was itchy and this also resulted into bleeding.


I consulted several dermatologists but nothing worked out. They only prescribed me with shampoos or pomade and after 1 or 2 days the patches were again visible. My condition kept worsening and I also started to face hair loss due to the continuous use of chemical products. Even one of the derma told me that psoriasis is something incurable, it can only be kept into control with chemicals. Hearing the fact that I will have to spend my whole life depending onto chemicals made me more depressed. I no more wanted to go outside to face the public, I started feeling embarrassed due to my condition.


Then one day while I was surfing the net to find a solution for psoriasis, I came across the site of Natural Heaven. After reading the positive reviews I contacted her immediately. She told me that I will have to follow eight treatments which will include the process of wearing a natural paste for 5 to 6 hours. At first I was hesitant but her positive approach encouraged me and brought back my moral. Eventually I started with the treatment and after 3 months I am now completely cured of psoriasis. Today my scalp is healthy and my hair is good looking as well.


Today I am leading a jovial life with no embarrassment due to psoriasis. This lady came into my life as an angel in disguise. Truly speaking she is someone gifted. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all she has done for me. I am grateful to her. She is like a mother to me. It is very rare to find someone caring so much for her patients. I would recommend anyone suffering from skin ailments to knock her door without hesitation. She is the one upon whom you can rely for a complete cure. May God bless her for this noble job. 

24 Feb 2016 - Anushka Ramkhalawon – Royal Road Riviere du Poste – 24 February 2016

Je m’appelle Jyoti Oudoo et j’habite à Bambous, Ile Maurice. J’ai souffert d’une chute de cheveux a extrêmement grave pendant longtemps. Depuis mon traitement avec Natural Heaven, mes cheveux ont bien poussée. J’ai connu Natural Heaven en 2013 et je continue à faire ma coloration naturelle des cheveux chez eux après que mes cheveux ont repoussée. Natural Heaven m’a bien accompagne pendant mon traitement  et je prie qu’elle continue à traiter les gens qui souffrent. Je visite Natural Heaven mensuellement car je sais que cheveux sont entre des très bonne mains.

12 Feb 2016 - Jyoti Oudoo – 12 February 2016

Psoriasis has been categorized as an incurable disease. It is not just a chronic skin condition but it also causes a drop in self-esteem and decreases social interaction. I had scalp psoriasis for 7 years. I always thought that it was dandruff. I have seen several dermatologists during the first 5 and a half years but none of them told me that I was suffering from Psoriasis. I even started Ayurveda treatments. (where I got to know that I had Psoriasis).


After several months, seeing no improvements, I stopped all treatments. Gradually, the flakes and scales on my scalp became more severe. I consulted one of the best dermatologist of the island who confirmed that it was scalp psoriasis and told me that I will have to live with it. Using the prescribed medications and ointments, the psoriasis propagated throughout my body within one month. Fed up of all kinds of chemicals, I search for natural remedies on the internet and came across the website of Natural Heaven. The very next day I called Mrs Koolwont for an appointment and went there the same day, I was reassured that my psoriasis will be cured.


After 2 months of regular treatment, all the scaly skins and flakes of psoriasis were gone. After 3.5 months, gone were the white patches on my scalp, the redness throughout my body and the itchiness. It has been 8 months since I started my treatment, my self-esteem is boosted, and I can go out without fearing that the sand-like particles would fall on my shoulders again or trying to hide the white patches on my scalp. My hair is longer and voluminous, and the psoriasis has not resurfaced or flared up or manifested in other forms or regions.


I thank Natural Heaven and Mrs Koolwont for giving me a new life, free from psoriasis and its undesirable effects. I hope that Natural Heaven continues to treat people suffering and wish them all the best.

13 Jul 2015 - Jenny – 13 July 2015

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for treating my daughter though I had to make much sacrifices financially. May God bless you.


At the beginning I was so upset that I thought that there were no treatment for my daughter as specified by the Doctors I had consulted. I was also being said that for psoriasis there is no treatment at all and that she had to be with this illness all her life. I was feeling very very helpless.


All started, when I saw a small circle on her scalp, I have tried all medication prescribed by Doctors and other tip as given by people…but it was spreading. I was having much difficulty to wash her hair with the thick layer which thought it was dandruff, her scalp was bleeding and the dry skins were falling on her dress, she was feeling much embarrassed .


Months were passing by and no treatment till the date me was looking information on the Net to Psoriasis, I found the Website of Natural Heaven.


God finally heard my prayers and send an angel for my rescue. After 7 treatments as she has said, my daughter was heeled by God grace and I was very thankful to Mrs K Sakoontala and her Knowledge and Natural Heaven. I would sincerely recommend people to follow her treatment and would request the Government to get her treatment recognised in Mauritius.


11 Apr 2015 - A. Sambiah – 11 April 2015

Moi Madame Ajeda, âgé de de 35 ans, j’ai souffert du Psoriasis depuis l’âge de 12 ans mais c’est après 22 ans que j’ai trouvé ma guérison. C’est par la grâce de Madame Koolwont et Natural Heaven. C’est à travers d’une émission de télé j’ai connu Madame Koolwont et Natural Heaven et sans hésiter j’ai lui ai téléphoné. J’ai commencé mon traitement peu après. J’ai commencé à constater les résultats du traitement après juste un mois. J’avais tout le corps y compris la tête, les pieds et les mains remplie de psoriasis et ça me fatiguaient énormément. J’avais des démangeaisons et des flocons de psoriasis tombaient tout le temps. J’ai m’habillais toujours en manche longue et sortait rarement pour ne pas faire face aux regards des autres. J’étais fatiguée à voir des docteurs qui m’ont tous dit que mon maladie n’a pas de guérison. Apres mon traitement chez Natural Heaven, les flocons du psoriasis ont disparue. C’est par la grâce de dieu que j’ai trouvé ce traitement pour psoriasis et Natural Heaven m’a toujours accompagnée tout le long de mon traitement. Je recommande fortement Natural Heaven pour toute personne souffrant du psoriasis. 

20 Dec 2014 - Ms. R. Ajeda – 20 Décembre 2014

I am Mrs Veerapen from Vacoas. I suffered from Psoriasis since 2005. After having consulted many dermatologists, I lost hope because I used many types of shampoos and creams but all in vain. I thank god that one of my friends gave me the phone number of Natural Heaven and advised me to call.


Natural Heaven was god-gifted to me because Mrs Koolwont gave me hope that I will be cured from this disease. I followed her therapy and after 4 months I was very happy to see that my scalp has been clean and showed no sign of psoriasis. Thanks a lot to Natural Heaven and Mrs Koolwont who is an excellent person who can give someone true hope that they can be cured. I would strongly advise anyone suffering from Psoriasis to contact Natural Heaven. God bless Natural Heaven for their wonderful job and service rendered to humanity. 

15 Aug 2014 - Mrs. Veerapen – 15 August 2014

I came to know about Mrs Koolwont through TV channel. After the delivery of my 2 children by caesarean, I got severe hair loss for nearly 5 years. There were many comments from my colleagues at work which made me very upset. I contacted 4 different dermatologists to regain my hair.


Amongst the doctors I consulted, one doctor said that my father is bald it is hereditary and I should forget to get my hair back. I was completely depressed and contacted Mrs Koolwont accompanied by my father. The incarnated angel that is Mrs Koolwont never mentioned anything about heredity and started my treatment the same day and in one month time I was surprised my hair.


In a week I come 3 times at Mrs Koolwont’s place for treatment. My colleagues now view me differently and they are very surprised to see my hair now. I define Mrs Koolwont as an angel in Natural Heaven who is doing miracles in many persons’ lives.


I appreciate this lady for her very polite manner and am I afraid she leaves Mauritius. I think the government must help her open a research centre in Mauritius. God Bless her and her children with a good future.


Mrs. Krishnee Chuttoo

Address: Candos, Quatres Bornes

Tel: +230 5771 1812 

06 Jun 2014 - Mrs. Krishnee Chuttoo

I was hyper allergic with all hair chemical products. I came to know about Natural Heaven from my son in law who read an article in a newspaper. I was applying chemical hair colorant 3 or 4 times which resulted in me being admitted to the hospital because my face became very big and swollen, my eyes were big and red and water and blood was coming out of my scalp.


I contacted Natural heaven for their natural hair coloration to colour my hair naturally and the treatment made my hair become long, black and returned me with the joy to live my life. I get many compliments at the age of 53 years from family and friends. I am very proud to know this nice lady who is doing a very noble job. Thanks to Mrs Koolwont and Natural Heaven and blessings to you for your courage and job.


Address: Curepipe

Tel: +230 6863531 

06 Jun 2014 - Ms. Kavita Joykurrun

I was suffering from psoriasis for the past 4 years. First of all, my scalp started to deteriorate from dandruff. It was itchy, red and bloody craters were forming and bleeding. I contacted 3 different specialist doctors but they all failed to cure me. They gave me pomade, shampoo but nothing worked. Then one day I came across an article by Mrs. Koolwont in the newspaper and also on television and I contacted Natural Heaven immediately.

After one month of treatment her miracle natural cure for psoriasis had changed me completely. I am very happy with her treatment and she has my blessings so that God keeps her fit because she is doing a very noble job by curing all the people who are suffering from psoriasis. She cares a lot for her patients and anyone can contact her to change their diet and lifestyle in a healthy way. All my headache and scalp problems have disappeared ever since I stated treatment with Natural Heaven.

Address: Beau Bassin

13 November 2013

Tel: +230 466 2258 

06 Jun 2014 - Sakita Boodhoo

I am hyper allergic to chemical products. After using chemical products to colour my hair once, my eyes became red and my face was badly swollen. My face was also very itchy and pus was coming out from my scalp. My son-in-law had seen a press article about Natural Heaven which is how I got to know about them. Natural Heaven offered natural hair colouration and I immediately contacted them. I have now been colouring my hair safely and naturally since the past 2 years. My hair is also longer and more voluminous. I thanks Natural Heaven for having brought joy in my life. I can now flaunt my hair at the age of 53 and get many compliments from friends and family who noticed a big change in my hair.

22 Feb 2014 - Kamla – 22 February 2014

I met Mrs Koolwont of Natural Heaven at a point in time when I really needed help. It was four year ago and as my hair was falling drastically, I was very anxious. I actually went to see her for her treatment on Shirodhara but she advised me follow a treatment for hair loss. I followed her advice and I have never regretted my decision. Today I am happy with my hair growth. I would also like to add that Mrs Koolwont is a self-made woman who with her research and dedication, diligence, commitment and perseverance has achieved success in her field. I wish her and Natural Heaven more success in the future.

17 Feb 2014 - Mrs. Veermatee Mohadeb – 17 February 2014

I am Mr. Girdharee Heman and I had dandruff since my teens and my hair started to fall off since four to five years. I have been using several dandruff shampoo including medical ones but in vain. My head would remain clean for barely a day before dandruff would fill it once again.


Mrs. Shakuntala Koolwont is my neighbor and I do not know how it escaped my thoughts to seek her help although I knew about her credentials. Finally in the beginning of August 2013, I decided to meet her so as to begin my treatment. She initiated me with what she would call seven treatments therapy whereby I had to wear a natural paste followed by another mixture after every three to four days. Each time the paste & second mixture had to remain for a total of five to six hours on my head.


Frankly speaking, the result was immediate after the first paste, I did not wash my head for the next four days as we were in cold weather. Nor a single dandruff flake was to be found on my head.


I completed the treatment as per the instructions of Mrs. S. Koolwont and the result was three fold. Firstly, bye bye dandruff. Secondly, my hair grew at places where my scalp was almost bare prices to the treatment. Finally, my hair remained black during the treatment thanks to a natural dye that was used in the paste. I have noticed the dye made my hair look naturally black unlike other dyes as I have used in the past. I am still using the hair oil & shampoo that Mrs. Shakuntala prepares for the health of hair & scalp.


Now, I can use black shines without any fear of white particles appearing on my back.


Thank you very much, May God bless you.

15 Feb 2014 - Heman Girdharee. (Nirmal)

I have tried all types if treatments for my scalp psoriasis with many doctors for around 2 years. All pharmacy and chemical products I have tries were useless and without result. I was depressed and continue to spend money to cure my condition which continued spreading but all my efforts were vain.


I have spent over Rs 50,000 in the 2 years I have been trying to get cured. Then one day I saw a TV program on Bhojpuri Channel by Mrs. Koolwont. Her televised testimonials encouraged me to contact her immediately for an appointment.


In the first month I started to feel a change in my scalp and today I am completely cured. My scalp is healthy and my hair is also very beautiful and good looking now. Mrs. Koolwont came as a unique and magical blessing in my life. Her research and treatment are both very good and unbelievable.


I am very proud that Mrs. Koolwont is here amongst us to treat us and I pray to God she always stays in Mauritius. She is also a very polite and confident woman because her treatments actually work. She is well mannered and many blessings for her and her children.

12 Feb 2014 - Dhirisha Devi Munaroo - 8th Mille, Triolet

I am hyper allergic and has always been allergic to chemical products. I have also been admitted to the hospital 3 times in a year because of this allergy. I am very happy that I have met Mrs. Koolwont through her television programs. I thank the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation to have presented me this divine lady with her magical touch who is working miracles.


For me she is a blessing. Doctors said I should avoid using chemical to colour my hair because when i colour my hair with chemicals I get ill. I’ve had to be injected with a lot of medicines because my condition was critical.


Today I can colour my hair naturally with Mrs Koolwont’s products which are 100% natural. I also get long beautiful hair with her products. I will always be grateful for having known her. 

12 Feb 2014 - Maya Sonatun - Royal Road Ecroignard, Centre De Flacq

I started my treatment with Mrs. Koolwont in mid-2013. I was suffering from acute hair fall, dandruff and a very bad hair texture overall. Mrs. Koolwont treated me for hair fall only and this unique treatment considerably reduced my dandruff and improved the texture a lot. I started receiving a lot of compliments for my hair quality and colour.


A treatment at Mrs. Koolwont’s is like a complete relaxation treat for me. The atmosphere at her place, her peaceful disposition and her treatment, all put together, provide a wonderful treat, especially after a week of hard work.


I have also had my facial treatment done by Mrs. Koolwont. The use of natural products mixed with the magic and blessings of Mrs. Koolwont’s hands can only make one’s face glow beautifully. I totally recommend all of Mrs. Koolwont’s treatments. It’s completely value for money and who knows, you may find a true friend in Mrs. Koolwont.

12 Feb 2014 - Manissa - Quatre Bornes

Since a long time, my wife Mrs. Amrita Poorun was suffering from scalp psoriasis. She was restless and she consulted all doctors concerned but to no avail.


Fortunately, one day she went to Kali Mata Mandir in Solferino No. 5, Vacoas to pray and she noticed a signboard concerning the appropriate treatment. Without losing time she consulted Mrs. Koolwont the person concerned for her treatment. She started her treatment and after 3 treatments she was OK.


All diseases disappeared. My wife regained her health and vitality. She is very happy thereafter. Let me tell you frankly, she is a person you can rely upon for any skin or hair treatment and health care.

12 Feb 2014 - Pritam Poorun

Mrs. Koolwont has been instrumental in curing a quite serious skin problem I was suffering from nearly 2 years ago. It was a type of skin psoriasis caused by wearing underwear with lyncra dye.  I had recourse to the best dermatologists in the country to no avail. Out of despair I nearly gave up hope to be ever cured from my skin ailments.


Ointments, skin analysis, acupuncture all failed to yield proper diagnosis of what I was suffering from. They also failed to find a complete cure. I then came to know about Mrs. Koolwont, courtesy of a press article. I immediately contacted her and was prescribed a special skin treatment which by the grace of god completely cured me after a mere 4 weeks.


Without hesitation I would warmly recommend people suffering from any type of skin disease to have recourse to the treatments of Mrs. Koolwont. She is without any doubt a unique person who readily takes at heart to help her patients. She should be recognised at national and international level for her expertise and greatness. 

12 Feb 2014 - Mr. C. Narraidoo

I, Mrs Sarah residing at Coromandel had a severe hyper allergic problem with my hair but today I am very grateful to Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont for having devoted herself heartedly for the well being of those people suffering with a long term hair, scalp and skin problem. I was unable to find something which can colour my hair; I was allergic to all chemical products.


With Mrs. Koolwont I got great relief and when I started my treatment with her natural products, my hair began to grow and with her natural colouring, my hair looks very shiny and beautiful. She gives me great satisfaction and up to now I am still following with her advice and treatment. I am now living my life happily thanks to Mrs. Koolwont.

12 Feb 2014 - Mrs. Sarah - Coromandel - Tel: 5918 8864

I have suffered from hair loss for about 20 years. I tried all kinds of chemical treatments and consulted many dermatologists. I have also undertaken transplantation at a cost of Rs 150,000. I have sold jewellery for a value of Rs 300,000 for only Rs 125,000. I would not advise anyone to undertake hair transplantation because they make you sign a contract and the result is not guaranteed. It is also very painful.


I once saw Mrs. Koolwont on TV talking about hair loss and I came to see her with very few hairs on my head which could actually be counted. After my treatment I have seen lots of improvement. I was stressed before meeting Mrs. Koolwont. Her talks and product are both very efficient and really helps.  I thank God and the MBC which has shown me the way to your sweet home. Mrs. Koolwont, you have fairy hands. I wish all persons to come to Natural Heaven if they suffer from the same condition. 

12 Feb 2014 - Mrs. Bhama - Moka, Tel: 59103639

I have tried several doctors and treatment with the sole hope that my hair loss would finally be cured. Then, as its name bestows its attributes, I came to know about Natural Heaven. I met Mrs. Koolwont whom I describe as an angel.


All my hope was entrenched upon her. My illness also subjected me to body psoriasis. The treatment I received at Natural Heaven helped me to believe in myself. Thank you Natural Heaven and Mrs. Koolwont.

12 Feb 2014 - Miss. Bilkiss Pailles.

I, Mr. Varun, am very happy to know Mrs. Koolwont of Natural Heaven. In the beginning, I had a problem of hair loss, I was half bald at the age of 2, which is very uncomfortable.


I had tried many chemical treatments and medicines prescribed by pharmacists and doctors. Then a friend recommended me to Mrs. Koolwont. I started my treatment and I gradually started finding changes.


Due to financial problems I had to stop my treatment. However one year later I was astonished to see how wonderfully her treatment worked. So I worked hard and with the money I continued my treatment.


I now recommend other people with the same problem to go see her and try her treatment. I am very happy for having known Mrs. Koolwont from natural Heaven. Her homemade paste is miraculous and it heals and satisfies her clients who are cured.

12 Feb 2014 - Varun Beekum - Bois Cheri Road, Berthaud, Quatre-Bornes, Tel: 5 777 7441

I have suffered from hair loss for about 20 years. I have taken all kinds of chemical treatments. I even considered transplantation at a very high cost. I do not advise anyone to think about transplantation of hair. I came to Natural Heaven and my hair loss problem was sorted out. I am very happy with the treatment today.

16 Jan 2014 - Kiran Ramdanee – 2014

In August 2013, I have gone through a cure at Natural Heaven to prevent hair loss. It has been a magical experience! With their god-gifted hands and talent, they dexterously made use of massages, aromatherapy and natural products which not only promoted hair growth but also has holistic well-being benefits. I had hair growth results right from the third week of treatment. I do not have to worry about doing my hair anymore as its healthy glow and vitality have enhanced my look naturally. I would totally recommend Natural Heaven for anyone who want hair volume and a healthy scalp. The use of natural products are amazingly effective and safe. Many thanks to Natural Heaven.

03 Jan 2014 - Lina – 03 January 2014

I, Mrs. Loganayegee Soobrayen residing at Morcellement Montreal Coromandel certify that since 15 years back I was suffering from Scalp Psoriasis and that I followed treatment from many medical practitioners be it private or public sectors, but no one succeeded to treat my Scalp Psoriasis which was caused by using hair colouring chemical products.


I spent much money to follow the doctors treatment and I was told that I will not be cured but have to treat my scalp for life. I was allergic after having used hair colouring chemicals and I was even admitted to clinic on one or two occasions and was very upset to attend ceremonies or public gatherings.


Happily, some 3 to 4 years back I came across an article in the local press concerning naturopath Mrs. Koolwont. My husband took an appointment with her and listened to my problems and I started treatment with her. After 3 to 4 weeks of treatment with Mrs. Koolwont, I noticed the change and was very happy to attend ceremonies and public gatherings. My Psoriasis problem was no more, my scalp was cured.


My thanks goes to Mrs. Koolwont whom god had made me come across. I am very satisfied. Mrs. Koolwont a conversant, polite and very trustworthy person whom I would like to introduce to anyone having same psoriasis problems like me.


To end my testimony, I agree that my testimonial will be used on Natural Heaven’s website for advertisement and marketing purposes.

20 Feb 2013 - Mrs. Loganayegee Soobrayen

I, Nirmala of Belle Vue Maurel am very grateful to Mrs Sakoontala Koolwont who is a blessing in disguise for me in my life. This God gifted lady has made one of my wishes cherished last year. I am very allergic to chemical products, so I was unable to colour my hair. 


One day I came across her advertisement of Natural colouring in the newspaper. I got courage and went to meet her.


At first I was very scared but the positive encouragement she gave me increased my trust and from that day my grey hair turned into black silky hair with her natural products which she prepares with great love and care in a healthy way.


I further hope that god bless her with much more courage and talents to help those who really needs her. I’ll appreciate that my small praise will become part of Mrs Sakoontala’s website.


I thank her heartily for all she has done for the welfare of all.

20 Feb 2013 - Nirmala
I, Miss. Kaminee Devi Gangaram would like to seize the opportunity to express a few words as a token of my gratitudeto Mrs. Shakuntala Koolwont, the devine lady. For me she came into an AVTAR of a Goddess. I would name her the Goddess of BEAUTY and WISDOM. She pocesses not only a physicalbeauty, but an interior beauty that GOD has given as a book to very limited people and she is among the noble ones. Her WISDOM nature is today helping the mass population. She is the creatrix of natural products. Mauritius is well known as a heaven but as from now Mauritius will always be known as the "NATURAL HEAVEN" in virtue of Mrs. Koolwont.

I was suffering from a scalp psoriasis. After travelling the Europe I was sick. tired and mentally stressed till I met my saviour. She came as an angel to me. She brought back that confidence and trust in me. From the first treatment there was a massive improvement. Her blissful touch brought back life to my hair and scalp. She acted not less than a mother, the way she pacified me and brought back my moral was not an easy task.

I would like to make an appeal to the population. Please do not hesitate to knock to her door. She will welcome you as a mother and will treat you like her own sibblings. She will act as a GODMOTHER. Trusting in her will bring your life a new vision.

I accept that this testimonial will be used on Natural Heaven's website for advertising and marketing purposes.
17 Feb 2013 - Miss. Kaminee Devi Gangaram
Je suis totalement satisfait avec les traitements de Mme. Koolwont qui a pu guérir les chutes de cheveux à l’extrême de ma fille aujourd’hui âgée de 18ans. Elle en souffre depuis qu’elle a 8ans. J’ai consulté les meilleurs médecins du pays et les hôpitaux.
Les traitements conseilles par les corps médical ont inclus des injections a la nuque a l’âge de 8ans et de 18ans. De plus des solutions censées aider la repousse ont été utilisées sans résultats. C’est finalement grâce aux conseils et aux produits de Natural Heaven que ma fille peut réjouir et peut désormais vivre sa vie comme elle veut.
D’aout 2012 à Janvier 2013, j’ai constaté une amélioration étonnante. Ma fille est aussi plus heureuse et ne s’inquiète plus du regard des autres. Par le passée les gens lui ont lancée des commentaires très mal places. Grace a Natural Heaven, elle ne se soucie plus de ces commentaires.

Mme Koolwont est une personne qui est à l’écoute des gens et est une digne de confiance. Elle ne fait pas ce métier pour l’argent, mais par amour. Elle est une personne positive qui veut tout faire pour améliorer la sante et le bien-être de ces clients.
Les conseils que Mme. Koolwont nous a donné ont été très utiles tout comme ses produits qui fait des miracles. J’encouragerai toute personne de mon entourage a venir la voir pour leurs problèmes de sante capillaire et plus. 
Je suis d’accord que ce témoignage sera utilisé sur le site web de Natural Heaven à fins de publicité et de marketing.

Address: Cite Atlee, Forest-Side
Tel: (230) 675 1173 / 752 9770

12 Feb 2013 - Mr. Daniel Antonio
Je m’appelle Patricia Théveneau, j’ai 47ans et j’habite à Cap Malheureux, Ile Maurice. Ma chevelure a toujours été pour moi une source de déception et d’angoisse. En effet j’ai toujours eu des cheveux très fins et dès l’adolescence ils ont commencé à tomber par poignées, à tel point que je ne savais pas du tout quelle coiffure adopter.
J’ai essayé plusieurs méthodes, des produits standards que l’on trouve dans le commerce, et même certains traitements proposent en pharmacie, souvent hors de prix. Aucune amélioration jusqu’à ce que je rencontre Shakuntala.

J’ai entendu parler de la méthode de soins des cheveux à base de plantes à travers une amie et je me suis lancée. Je dois me dire que les résultats ne se sont pas fait attendre. Dès la deuxième séance mes cheveux ont commencé à prendre du volume et ont cessé progressivement de tomber.

Depuis, je vais chez Shakuntala une fois par mois pour un traitement à base d’huiles, un massage du cuir chevelu et une teinture à base de plantes. A ma grande satisfaction mes cheveux ne tombent quasiment plus.
J’autorise Mme. Shakuntala à se servir de ce témoignage a des fins de Marketing sur son site web.
12 Feb 2013 - Mrs. Patricia Théveneau
I, Sada Kunthasami, of Riche Mare Central Flacq, was very allergic to chemical hair dyes. I had therefore been unable to color my grey hair for more than 15yearss. I am hence very grateful to Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont for treating my scalp and coloring my hair. Presently, I no longer have any hair loss and instead it has started to grow.

P.S – I agree that this testimonial can be used for marketing purposes by the Natural Heaven on its website.
11 Feb 2013 - Sada Kunthasami
Thank you very much I indeed for helping me to cure my scalp psoriasis in less than three months. At first, I thought that it was only dandruff. I have been suffering from the disease since at least eight years. I always believed that it was a side effect of the chemical in the various hair colorants that I have used. I first had treatment at the SSR hospital on several occasions. I felt very depressed as the ailment was not leaving me. Then I resorted to private specialists. I tried several dermatologists and the medicines they prescribed were not helpful either. 
My depression increased, I just could not imagine praying to which God. Fortunately, upon the recommendation of my boss at work who read your advertisement in Hebdo Dimanche that I got in touch with you. I used your herbal products and in less than three months here I am now a very jovial person once again, totally relieved of my scalp ailments.
I agree that this testimonial will be used on your Natural Heaven website for marketing purposes.

Address: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Petite Julie
Tel: (230) 418 5926 
11 Feb 2013 - Mrs. Vydiah Reesal
I, Mrs. S. Thondroyen was very allergic to chemical hair dye and so, it was very difficult to get my hair colored. I came to know about “Natural Heaven” one year ago through the newspaper and since then I only go there for my hair treatment. I am very satisfied with the treatment. I am happy to be able to dye my hair without having any side effect.
11 Feb 2013 - Mrs. S. Thondroyen
I would first like to thank God for having shown me the doors of Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont – Natural Heaven has come as a blessing in the life of my daughter. My daughter was suffering from scalp psoriasis from the very tender age of 6months. I have consulted the best doctors in Mauritius without success.
They all gave medicines that would supposedly cure her for some days. Nothing worked. Her psoriasis was so developed that it broke the skin layer and canals of blood formed. It was alike to a bloody volcano. The disease reached her ears and blood was always present. It was heart breaking to see my daughter suffering so much. Doctors told me her condition could not be cure and that it will be back even if they have her medicines.
One day, I came by an article in the local newspapers about Natural Heaven and the very noble work Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont was doing. I contacted her and took an appointment. She was very polite and thoughtful she is patiently listened to all my woes and cries. In school my daughter had no friends because nobody wanted to sit near her.
Today, my daughter is aged 13 years old and she is living a happy life. She has friends and is growing into a beautiful girl. Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont is a farishta for me. She cured my daughter’s psoriasis in 2 months and the disease never came back. For this, I will forever be grateful to her. A real angel from heaven.

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Address: Block M5, Vallee Pitot, Port-Louis

11 Feb 2013 - Mrs. Waheeza Ellaheebucksh
I, Mrs. Uma Daby would like to extend my most heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont. For me she is Godsend. I am hyper allergic to any form of hair coloring I even went to India to seek for a solution for my hair problem but for no avail. I came back empty handed and more stressed. Nobody in India could cure me.

Truly Mauritius is a paradise like Mark Twain cited. We Mauritians we are blessed to have among us an angel like Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont whom God has granted divine touch and blessing to help people like us. I had to bear sarcastic remarks from friends, neighbors and relatives for nearly ten years because my hair was of orange color.

It was impossible for me to use any form of hair coloring to make my hair look black so I was using Henna leaves. I was so depressed and desperate sometimes I felt ashamed to go out but today I feel proud of myself when I look at my mirror.

I feel elated and pretty all due to Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont. I pray to Almighty that Mrs. Sakuntala Kulwant never leave Mauritius, never make us orphans.
I accept that this testimonial will be used on Natural Heaven website for advertising and marketing purposes.
Address: Avenue Des Vergues, Glen-Park

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07 Feb 2013 - Mrs. Uma Daby
I am Monica, 66years old and I have suffered from psoriasis for the past 33 years. I have seen many doctors without success. 

No doctor was able to cure me. Some chemicals even aggravated my plight and I went into a deep depression. In a desperate attempt I even tried to apply tar hoping that it could do some kind of miracle. 

Nothing ever happened. My miracle came in 2010 when I saw an article on Natural Heaven and Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont's work. She is miracle. She treated my condition in 1 month, I still visit her for a routine checkup but the disease never came back. 

Today 3 years after, I am living a happy life far from my old demons. I will always be appreciative of what Natural Heaven has given me. In 33years, no hospital or clinic could cure me. But Mrs. Sakoontala Koolwont did it.

I accept that this testimonial will be used on Natural Heaven’s website for adverting and marketing purposes.
06 Feb 2013 - Mrs. Monica