Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is a widespread skin disorder that produces raised, reddish, and frequently scaly patches. It can manifest as a single or multiples patches on part or the entire scalp. It can also appear behind the ears and can further spread to the forehead or the back of the neck.

While Scalp psoriasis is not very contagious as such, you are however; more likely to develop scalp psoriasis if another member of your family suffers from psoriasis. It may be genetic. Often people suffering from scalp psoriasis also suffer from body psoriasis.

Mild Scalp psoriasis can go unnoticed. However, a more severe condition is known to long lasting and with gradual degradation causing thick lesions that adversely affects the appearance of a person. 

Extreme itching and recurrent scratching is known to cause skin infections, hair loss and also affects a person’s social life and everyday affairs. Patients of Scalp Psoriasis have an embarrassing feeling which affects their self esteem.

Symptoms of Scalp Psoriasis

Mild scalp psoriasis include minor scaling while the most severe cases comprise of Reddish plaques, Silvery-white scales, Dandruff-like peeling, dry and parched scalp, severe Itching, discomforting Burning sensation or soreness. 

Starching the itch is known to cause hair loss. Forceful removal of the scales and harsh treatment is not advised. When psoriasis burns or flares it causes extreme itching and pain. In many cases the skin cracks and the scalp starts bleeding.

If you suffer from Scalp Psoriasis, Natural Heaven has formulated a miracle cure that will surely help you to raise your self esteem and cure your Scalp Psoriasis. Please refer to the Testimonials section for success stories.

The Treatment:

Duration: 3.5 months requiring a strict timetable for the treatment. After these 3.5 months, the treatment should be followed once every 6 months.

The cure consists of an Oily and Herbal Mud, a Jelly to wash the rashes, a Mask and Herbal Pills. Every mixture is prepared by Natural Heaven on a case by case basis and depending on the severity of the disease.

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