Body Psoriasis

Body Psoriasis is a skin condition that is similar to scalp psoriasis. The only difference is that it affects the body. It is very common at the elbows and the knees but it can also affect any area of the body. It occurs due to an immune system malfunction that causes the body to produce skin cell too quickly.

Body psoriasis causes thick, scaly skin that can be silvery or reddish to cause extreme discomfort to the patient. Psoriasis, if not treated, can be a lifelong annoyance that causes an individual to lose his self esteems and affects his daily life. The unpredictable nature of this disease makes it one of the worse skin conditions. 

When psoriasis flares, it causes severe itching that can break the skin layer and cause bleeding. It can also cause skin cancer in the long run. Body Psoriasis should not be allowed to develop.
If you suffer from Body Psoriasis, Natural Heaven has successfully cured many patients (Refer to the Testimonials section) using herbal products. Treatment should be started without delay.

The Treatment:
Duration: 3.5 months requiring a strict timetable. After 3.5 months, the treatment should be followed upon appointment.
The cure consists of an Oily and Herbal Mud, a Jelly to wash the rashes, a Mask and Herbal Pills and a specially prepared ointment. Every mixture is prepared by Natural Heaven on a case by case basis and depending on the severity of the disease. 
For an appointment, please call our Hotline.

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