Natural Hair Coloration

Natural Heaven is the only establishment in Mauritius that uses a 100% Natural Hair Coloration. Natural Heaven uses a highly secretive formula to prepare the products.


Contrary to chemical products, our formula is unique and do not cause any side effects that chemical colorations are known to cause. As a Natural Coloration, this treatment requires patience and dedication.


Natural Heaven uses a combination of natural pastes to achieve the desired color. Additional benefits of this paste include a dandruff-free scalp, it helps in hair growth and the hair is more shiny and glossy.  We can turn your grey hair into a shiny black or burgundy red tone.


Please refer to Press Articles and Testimonials sections for success stories.


The Treatment:

Duration: Will be decided upon an appointment. (Depends on hair length and requirements.)


The treatment includes a 100% unique and natural hair paste specially prepared by Natural Heaven.


For an appointment, please call our Hotline.

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