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» 03 Jun 2014
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Scalp psoriasis is a widespread skin disorder that produces raised, reddish.
Natural Heaven is the only establishment in Mauritius that uses a 100% Natural.
Shirodhara is an element of Ayurveda and has been used in India for over 5000 years.
Natural Heaven proposes treatments against acne, cosmetic acne, dark spots.
Body Psoriasis is a skin condition that is similar to scalp psoriasis.
Hair Loss manifests in different forms. It goes from Alopecia which means the partial.
Sinus and migraine are interrelated since sinus can often cause headache.
Eczema (atopic eczema) often referred to as dermatitis is a skin condition.
I was suffering from head and body psoriasis which was cured only by Mrs Koolwont. I have been undergoing various treatments from dermatologist but no cure. Thanks to Mrs Koolwont who has given her best for my treatment. I respect her a lot. I have got more hair growth as well. I recommend people to come and do your treatments with her.
14 Nov 2019 - Mrs Usha Devi
I was suffering from hyper allergy due to chemical products. I got my treatment from Mrs Koolwont and I am still using her natural paste to color my hair since 5 years. I really like her products and I have got more hair growth now. Thanks to Mrs Koolwont for giving me such a good treatment.
08 Oct 2019 - Mrs King
I, Mr Domah, thank Mrs Koolwont for curing my scalp and face psoriasis due to hair chemical colouring products that has disfigured my face. I contacted many dermatologists but no one had been able to help. Through a TV programme, I got to know Mrs Koolwont and I was cured in 3 months time. I am happy for having a better and peaceful life thanks to the wonderful hair treatment by Mrs Koolwont. Lots of blessing to her for her continuous work.
04 Feb 2019 - Mr Domah Jugdish
I have got allergy from chemical hair products since 7 years. Thanks a lot to Mrs Koolwont who give me the best treatment for 6 months with her natural hair paste, shampoo and oil. She has magical products. Now I have got more hair growth and will recommend people to go to Natural Heaven.
02 Jan 2019 - Mrs Prematee
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