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Mauritius is home to Natural Heaven which specialises in Natural Hair Colouration, Psoriasis treatment and skin and scalp diseases. Mrs. Sakoontala Hurbungs Koolwont, the owner and director of Natural Heaven has over 28 years of experience in the field. She has gained knowledge of how wonderful the nature is and the properties of medicinal plants by learning from Yogis and Swamis in India. She has also formulated a unique cure for psoriasis.


The cocktail consists of oils and oil mud, roots and plants. The psoriasis formula is today the pride of Natural Heaven because it is simply a miracle cure.


Our pride also reside in our 100% Natural Hair Colouration that is unique in Mauritius. People allergic to chemical coloration can now colour their hair naturally without side effects. Over the last 7 years, Natural Heaven’s work has been consistently published in local newspapers and broadcasted on famous local radio stations. We offer natural care for your hair in Mauritius. Our goal is to provide truly natural products that have a positive effect on both you and the world you live in. Our special treatment is guaranteed to satisfy you.


Our Testimonials bear witness of what Natural Heaven has achieved over the years and all these satisfied clients remain at your disposal to confirm and verify our claims. They would be more than happy to answer your calls or meet in person and share the heavenly experience that changed their lives. Among our Testimonials, Mrs. Loganayegee Soobrayen even thought she had scalp cancer.


Natural Heaven cured her and today she is leading a happy life. We have also treated clients from other parts of the world. What they could not achieve in their countries has been achieved by Natural Heaven in the paradise island of Mauritius. They have incurred years of expenses trying to treat their Psoriasis without success. They finally put their trust in Natural Heaven and we lived up to their expectations if not exceeded them. Our Testimonials are only a small part of those who have been treated. Our reach goes far beyond.


Natural Heaven is now aiming to reach to the world – to make our services a global reality. In achieving this objective we are looking forward to work with pharmaceutical companies around the world to sell our miracle formula and make it available in every country around the world.


Give your hair a new life! Treat them with our nourishing hair care formulas created with natural ingredients that keep your hair healthy so it can always look its best. Psoriasis, eczema, hair loss should not hinder your enjoyment of life. It is treatable.


Simply put, we strive to make your life better every day — naturally.

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